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Descriptive of Brazilian Journals implemented in Open Journal Systems
Ronnie Fagundes de Brito, Diego José Macedo, Milton Shintaku, Andrea M. de Castro S. Fleury Curado, Priscila Paiva Castro

Última modificación: 17/11/2015


Open Journal System (OJS) is widely used in Brazil, with journals in various disciplines linked to various institutions, on portals or stand alone installations. This scenario presents an opportunity to journal's studies, requiring approaches that enable comprehension of this diversity. Therefore, this study aims to describe the use of OJS in Brazil, regarding versions, areas of knowledge, use of Digital Object Identifier (DOI), among others aspects. The study contributes to the knowledge of the use of free tools in the context of Brazilian scientific communication under a quantitative approach, using computer processing, due to the amount of selected journals. As a result, it was revealed that Brazil has 1,827 OJS journals, but only 1,637 are active. Similarly, most of magazines are on the most current version (2.4). Social sciences are the ​​knowledge area that have the highest number of journals; on its turn, the use of DOI can be seen as incipient, but promising. A complex scenario, but with opportunities for more detailed studies, given the growth of Brazilian research, with great use of OJS on the creation of open access journals.

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